• Artem
    Fire and Rescue Academy.


We are a Dutch company who has for more then 25 years of operational experience, instructors for training and consultants in more then 20 countries all over the world. We decided in 2017 to share and combine our experiences in a new named company called: Artem Fire & Rescue Academy.

In this way Artem Fire & Rescue Academy represent our shared passion for emergency respond. This ensures that you get best!


We believe in sharing knowledge with other professionals Fire and Rescue workers, or any related services. Our goal is to increase your rescueteam or indivual knowledge and skills to become skilled and stay skilled. We do that by making custom build solutions or programs supported by the best suited instructor or specialist for the required job.

That’s the Art of Firefighting and Rescuing, sharing knowledge!

What we do.

We train and bring Firefighters, Rescueworkers and all related emergency response teams of all ranks to the next step in there personal (leadership) and team development. We advice and give consultancy on Crisis and Disaster managementteams, Training policy development, Teamorganisation and Assessments. Each coorporation is custombuild to make sure our customer gets the best!

Our Target Groups.

All employees and management (team)members in the Public Government, Fire Department, Fire and Rescue Departments, Police, ARFF teams, USAR, SAR, ALS/BLS Medical Services, Private Company Fire/Fire and Rescue Services, Management Assistance for Public Safety and Crisis Organizations and affiliated companies and organizations. You name it, we can help!

Our values.

Dedicated, hands-on mentality, professional partner and we do what we promise!