Advanced Road Rescue Training Bengbu 2018

In June 2018 Artem Fire & Rescue Academy delivered an advanced road rescue training in Bengbu, Anhui Provence, China.

On behalf of RESQTEC China, we delivered a 3 day training course. The 100 best fire fighters of the Anhui Provence were selected for a special 10 day training program. The last 3 days were organised by Artem Fire & Rescue Academy. We introduced our 5-step rescue approach, also known as the Kusters (™) method. We worked with the advanced and versitale rescue tools of RESQTEC during this training. We worked with the NT lifting bags, Profix struts, cribbing blocks, rescue straps, and of course with the hydraulic and EDD cutter, spreader and ram. The training was held at the campus of the Bengbu University and performed by our chief-instructor Frank Poels.

Together with the staff of RESQTEC China we performed this training in Bengbu. Thanks for the co-operation!