ARFF training Fuzhou 2018

Siemin China and Crise France invited Artem Fire & Rescue Academy to supply a ARFF training for Fuzhou Airport and Fuzhou Fire and Rescue Service.

In August 2018 Artem Fire & Rescue Academy preformed a 3 day ARFF training for Siemin. Together with our VR partner Crise, we delivered this training. The  training was in the VR training center of Siemin in Fuzhou, China. We started on day 1 with a theory presentation of the basics of aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF). Crise delivered a presentation how to work with their VR system. In the afternoon we did the first VR scenario training. On day 2 and 3 the VR scenarios became more complex and difficult. On day 3 the local government and Fuzhou University also joined the training. We delivered a multidisciplinary team training with all rescue disciplines involved. The training was performed by our chief -instructors Roel Timmermans and Frank Poels.

We also delivered a demonstration training ‘fire behaviour’. This training was organised at the main fire station of the Fuzhou Fire and Rescue Service. More than 200 fire fighters were in the training room following the training. Another 1000 fire fighters followed this training at 36 station all over the city of Fuzhou with a live connection. In total there were more than 1200 attendents.

We thank Siemin, Crise, Fuzhou Airport and the local Fuzhou Fire and Rescue Service for their co-operation!