Jasamarga 2019

This year is the 41th anniversary of the Jasamarga. Jasamarga is the biggest toll road company of Indonesia. For safety, every toll road has a ‘Road Rescue Team’. The 2019 competition was hosted near Jakarta, at the Indonesian Disaster Training Ground, BNPB in Sentul. Goal of this edition is to ‘accelerate service and enhancing safety’. The competition was organised by PT Resqtec Indonesia, under supervision of Wiyono Minarno, our rescue friend also known as ‘pak Wi’.

This year 19 teams challenged each other in a two day competition with three categories. Artem Fire & Rescue Academy was involved in two categories; road rescue and road safety paper. Every team has 6 team members; a captain, 2 technical rescuers, 2 medics and 1 rescuer responsible for logistics and safety.

We delivered  4 assessors for this competition; Ian Fulton (Australia, command assessor), Peter van ’t Wout (Netherlands, medical assessor), Bo Poels – van Otterdijk (Netherlands, technical assessor, time and scenario control) and Frank Poels (Netherlands, technical assessor).