Training Xuzhou, Jiangsu Provence, China 2018

In July 2018 Artem Fire & Rescue Academy delivered a training for 120 students of the Xuzhou Fire & Rescue Service in Jiangsu Provence, China. We delivered  training on 3 main topics; Urban Search And Rescue (USAR), Road Rescue (RR) and Fire Fighting (FF). This training was performed by 5 of our instructors; Jack Kusters, Marco Boulogne, Robert Collart, Stefhan Geenen and Frank Poels.

The USAR training was delivered by Marco Boulogne, specialist and training officer of the national Duth USAR team ( Stefhan Geenen and Jack Kusters delivered a Road Rescue training, of course with the 5-step, Kusters (™) approach. Robert Collart and Frank Poels delivered a basic course fire fighting, with topics like fire behaviour, nozzle techniques, flashover, thermal imager camera, etcetera.