Smartest region in the world (2011) and most innovative region in the EU (2019)

The Artem Fire & Rescue Academy office is in the south part of the Netherlands near the city of Eindhoven. This region is according to the European Commission the most innovative region in the EU. According to the ‘The cultural and creative city monitor 2019’, Eindhoven has a top position on intellectual property, innovation and environmental factors. Eindhoven has a good cultural infrastructure, participation and creative economy. In 2011 Eindhoven was already the ‘smartest region in the world’ according to the ‘Intelligent Community Forum’ (ICF).

Our office is located near Eindhoven. As you can see on the map below, our office is located in the ‘Brainport’ region. In this region there is a lot of high tech development such as a technical university (TU/e), the Automotive Campus, the High Tech Campus, the Brainport Industries Campus, with companies as ASML, FEI, VDL and Philips. We are proud that we are working is this kind of region. We are very close to new developments. This garantees us to deliver high quality training to our customers.